Uncovering Deciding On Indispensable Criteria For Wedding Toast

" I started to notice I was tired all the time. "I didn't have the energy to get things done.' She said she visited the doctor and was given blood tests, which showed that she had "very low" levels of iron in her body. "I was given iron tablets," she said. "But I kept feeling tired and nauseous. I put it down to having a toddler and working." One day, however, Kate noticed her chest was "tight". She pressed on it - and felt a lump in her left breast. "I booked the doctor's the next day," she said. "Lucia-Rose will say, 'Mummy's poorly, mummy's poorly,'" Kate said (Photo: Kate McIver) "He put my mind at ease. I was given anti-inflammation [medication] because they thought it could be a cyst or a milk duct issue." After the lump failed to shift, Kate, also a blogger, returned to see the doctor and was referred for a mammogram and a scan. "They said it was probably a thyroid problem," she said, describing how she went to collect her results alone in mid-November. Read More "I went to the clinic on my own," she said.

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